Monday, June 29, 2009

Uncle Chris and Melissa's Wedding

I was a flower girl. I held the dress while Melissa walked and Ryann threw the petals. Before we had to get our picture taken I got to throw my petals. I told Uncle Nathan I threw all my flowers and he said "good girl" and then Ryann threw the rest of her flowers. Then we went down to the water to take more pictures. Melissa wore a pretty veil and her dress was so long that I had to pick it up. It was beautiful. After the wedding Uncle Chris threw the garter and Anthony caught it. Then Melissa threw the flowers and someone else caught it and gave it to me. Then I got to dance with everyone. The End.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Little Ryann

Little Ryann had a name and her name is Ryann. Her last name is Crowe and her middle name is Taylor. Little Ryann I know what your your middle and last name is.

The End.

Jayde and Maddy

Jayde was playing with Maddy. We were playing with my doll.

The End


Jaxon broke his glasses. Next he was playing with Calvin.

The End.

The Big Horses

The big horses were watching the little horses.

The End.

The Baby Dog

The baby dog was the baby horses friend. The next day it was the baby horses birthday. The baby horses invited the baby dog to their birthday. They had a lot of fun.

The End

The Baby Horses

There were baby horses playing a game. The baby horses were thirsty. The baby horses were hungry. The baby horses were having a race. Now it is night and they are sleeping.

The End

Jayde Crowe